Australia's Weather Map Turns Black Because It's So Damn Hot

Posted: Jan 20, 2019

How will this affect wine?

Remember when the UK was blasted with the monster heatwave last Summer? Every supermarket in the country was running out of ice lollies, we couldn't get the office fan at a cold enough temperature and don't even get us reminiscing on the sleeping situations we found ourselves in.

I would go so far as saying that us Brits were struggling to function. It was hitting 30 degrees and we were being warned, yes warned, to keep out of the sun between the hours of 11am and 3pm.

That was 30C and we were losing our shit. So it might be wise to spare a thought for people Down Under because right now, Australia is so hot that their weather maps have turned black as temperatures hit a whopping 48C.

The weather they are experiencing at the moment is being dubbed the most extreme heat since World War II, with temperatures in New South Wales exceeding 41C for most of the last week.

Reminding everyone of how hot it really is, a map of the country is shown looking literally burnt to a crisp.

According to the MailOnline, Port Augusta in South Australia will once again be among the hottest places on earth with the coastal town set to reach a steamy 46C on Thursday.

Temperatures in Sydney are due to reach 30C all week while Adelaide is set to bake with highs of 40C.

The Sun reported that White Cliffs, a tiny outback town with a population of just under 150 people, broke its record last Wednesday with a temperature of 48.2C.

Simon Grainger, Bureau of Meteorology climatologist, told CNN: "Based on the extent and duration, this is the most significant heatwave to have affected inland eastern Australia since January 1939."

The Macley Argus reports that the Oxley Highway in New South Wales (NSW) has started melting, requiring doses from a water cart to cool the surface down and make it safer to drive.

The decision to use water from a nearby river wasn't an easy one for the Walcha Council, which oversees the affected area in New England, NSW.

"Roads and Maritime Services acknowledge water is a scarce resource at this time, however it is required to ensure the safety of motorists and keep the road open," a spokeswoman said in a statement.

Along with this, firefighters have been tackling blazes and, even more tragically, animals have been passing away as a result of the weather.

By Rebecca Shepherd January 

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