Salt Bae Is Selling A 268 Gold-plated Steak At His Dubai Restaurant

Posted: May 27, 2019

Remember Salt Bae? He's a chef and restaurateur called Nusret Gökçe who shot to fame on the internet a while back for his good looks and eccentric attitude to seasoning food.

Well, if you're looking for something of a luxury treat and happen to be near to Salt Bae's Dubai restaurant, how about a gold-plated steak?

That might sound a bit much, but think about it. The guy is a butcher, famous for seasoning things well, and owns an expensive restaurant in Dubai. It's gonna be good, right?

Well, it had better be, because it costs a whopping £268.

According to one diner's account to the MailOnline, it is worth the price. He said it was the "best steak he'd ever tasted".

However, it isn't clear whether the gold helps that, or - now that you mention it - whether gold actually tastes like anything at all.

Anyway, when you're famous for how you season things - yes, doing it in a weird way counts - then you've got to push the boat out somehow, particularly if you want to stand out in a place as famous for luxury as Dubai.

The meal is available - should you fancy it and have the reddies to hand - at Salt Bae's Nusr-Et restaurant. To be fair, as well as the gold, you can be almost certain that the meat itself is going to be of a decent quality.

The guy is a butcher. Come on.

The aforementioned restaurant-goer - who chose not to reveal his name - said that whilst this particular sirloin is expensive, you actually get quite a bit for what you have to fork over.

First off, it "attracted a lot of attention from fellow diners".Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Yep, you can imagine how a gold-plated chop brought to you by this guy might do that.

Secondly, he explained: "The meat is also cooked and cut at your table in front of you with this sort of pantomime show from the chef.

"It starts off like a big brick of gold and "the show" finishes with the chef sprinkling salt down his arm and stabbing the knife into the table."

Of course, Salt Bae's signature move.

He continued: "'It is great fun; the food was amazing. Very expensive and very "Dubai" too. It was a good experience but I wouldn't be queuing up for round two so quickly."

Well, what do you expect when you order a 24-karat gold leaf steak for tea?

Anyway, gold is chemically inert and therefore fine to eat. It's also yours to keep afterwards if you're willing to get your hands dirty.

Tom Wood
May 27, 2019

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