Climate-positive Burgers?

Posted: Mar 08, 2019

At the climate leadership conference entitled: "Solutions for the Wine Industry", a surprising presentation from a fast food company revealed how agribusiness can indeed be climate positive.

The conference presenters warned that indeed being carbon neutral is not an option an longer. We must be climate positive in order to attempt a reversal of the harm we have caused. In a passionate call to action former US vice-president Al-Gore stated: "We may no longer use our sky as a waste dump."

How is Max Burger achieving carbon positivity in an industry which has a high carbon footprint?

This summary from will open your eyes.


If we’re going to keep global warming under two degrees, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, remove some of the carbon dioxide we’ve already emitted. In other words, becoming climate neutral is not enough. From now on, every single bite of a MAX burger helps our climate. For our burgers to be climate positive, we take action in three areas:

1. We measure 100% of our product emissions.
We include all greenhouse gas emissions in our calculations. In MAX’s case, this means measuring emissions from the farmers’ land to our guests’ hand. We include their travel to and from our restaurants as well as their waste and lots more.

2. We reduce our emissions.
Over the years, MAX has implemented hundreds of measures to reduce our emission of greenhouse gases. We add new approaches and solutions all the time, and will continue to do so in the future.

3. We capture at least 110% of emissions
We plant trees that absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. Not only do we carbon offset all the emissions from all our food, we go further to capture the carbon dioxide equivalent of another 10% of our emissions. This means we are helping reduce the overall levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Here you can read the report on Climate Positive Burgers.

How can we be certain our burgers will be climate positive?
We follow the world’s only independent standard for carbon neutrality – ISO 14021. But instead of offsetting 100% of our emissions, as required by the standard, from 14th of June 2018 we offset 110% which make everything on our menu climate positive. EY have done an independent review to check that our methods for calculating the emissions follow the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard that ISO 14021 relies on. The offset is made by Plan-Vivo certified tree plantations in Africa.

Introduction by Luis Torres
March 8, 2019

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